Struggling to get results from your Facebook Advertising?

Don't have the time to spend hours figuring out why?

That's where Abella Social Can help.

We'll figure it out for you.

Facebook advertising is a brilliant way to target your niche customer and improve leads and/or sales for your business but doing it right takes time and expertise. Our Facebook advertising packages give you the peace of mind that an expert is in place to make sure your money isn’t being wasted and that you are on track towards your business objectives. 

What we'll do for you.

Put Expert Eyes on your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Facebook Ads Management

We’ll do it all for you to help you to get the results you want from Facebook advertising for your business. With this full ads management package you’ll stop wasting money on ads that just aren’t working and free up your own time while we optimise your ads for success. You’ll get setup, strategy, ad design, testing and optimisation and honest and frank conversations as part of the deal. If something isn’t working, we’ll tell you and always have plan B ready. 

From £500 per month.

Facebook Ads Support

Your ads just aren’t working but you just don’t know why.
You don’t want to pay someone else to run ads for you until you see that they can work for your business but you really need a fresh, second pair of eyes?
We can help. We’ll look over your ad activity and advise you and teach you how to make optimal changes yourself. We’ll create bespoke training so that you start to see the power of Facebook advertising for your business.

From £97 per hour.

Our promise.



You’ll get a no nonsense approach. I’ll always tell you when things aren’t working and why that might be and the best way to move forward. You can trust that I’ll be doing the best with your ads budget. 



I’ve trained with the very best global ads strategists and remain part of a professional group of experts who support each other in their work. 

You don’t just get me but you gain my network of experts too. 



You’ll be in touch with a real person, not an agency. You’ll be able to contact me and be assured that I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Nothing is automated. You’ll get the personal touch on your ad campaigns. 

But that's not all we can do


In order for your Facebook ads to fly, it helps if your social accounts are all in order too. 

So if you need any help to prepare your accounts, I can help with that too. 

Social Branding and Design.

Do you want your social accounts to look great and reflect your business perfectly?

I can design post templates and social images in your branded style.

Facebook Content Curation.

If your Facebook page is neglected due to lack of time and money, I can source curated content for you and schedule to your page to increase activity. 

Social Media Strategy.

Not sure where your social media is going but don’t have time to make a plan? I’ll create a strategy for you for your organic content with loads of tips and advice to help you implement the plan your self.