How to get Facebook Ads Ready

Running Facebook ads can be an excellent way to achieve a range of marketing objectives for your business but before you start there are a few basics that need to be in place to achieve the best outcome for your ads and the best return on your investment.

1.    Ensure that you have an active FB page for your business. It is worthwhile investing some time and energy to build up the organic activity on your page. When your ads eventually enter into the bidding on FB and Instagram, the algorithm will use different reference points to decide whether to serve your advert. Once of those considerations is how well maintained your page is. Facebook protects the user experience and so ideally your page should reflect positive interactions with a well engaged audience to help boost your chances of paid ads being successful.

2.    Know your target customer inside and out. Facebook advertising allows you to ninja target the type of people who are most likely to take the action you want for your business but you need to know who those people are. It’s likely that you have detailed personas in your business plan already but the more detailed you can be the more information you have to work with when it comes to trialling and testing your ads. Map out different target types and think about every little detail you know about your end user. This will be helpful.

3.    If you have a website, make sure you install an FB pixel. This can be found in your FB ad account. This is a piece of code that allows you to track people who are visiting your website and gain valuable data about how people behave when they reach your website. If you are running ads without using the pixel you are throwing money into the wind wearing a blindfold.

4.    Tighten up the user experience on your website. If you have a website and you intend to use ads to direct traffic to it, whether it is e-commerce or as a business opt in, make sure that the user experience is a good one. Facebook ads can work wonders for driving people to a page but if the landing page or website experience is a negative one people will bounce right out again. Your website needs to attract and keep the people once your ads have worked their magic.

5.    Be ready to invest in FB ads. Gone are the days of getting something for nothing on Facebook. When you advertise you are entering into a bidding process and while the size of the budget isn’t the only consideration for a high performing advert, you won’t get anywhere without being prepared to invest a decent amount of budget into the process. It is always a good starting point to consider how much you would be willing to spend to bring in one lead or one sale and work a budget for a campaign around that starting point.

If you have any other questions about how best to advertise your business on Facebook, feel free to get in touch for a free chat about the best approach for you.

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