If you are using Instagram for your business (and let’s face it with 1 billion active users, you absolutely should be) then you must ensure your account profile is the perfect, optimised store front to your business.

  • Use a clear, quality image for your profile pic. Images of people or top products work well but they must be clear and a representation of your business. If you use your logo make sure it is clear and any wording can be read easily. Users can’t zoom in to get a better look.
  • Use a username that aligns with your other social media handles. This will make it easier to cross promote your accounts and for your customers to find you on different platforms.
  • Use the name field in your profile wisely. This part of your profile is searchable by other users so it makes sense to use searchable terms that apply to your business here to help your target customers find you. New customers are unlikely to search for you by name but they might be looking for ‘interior designers Hampshire’ for example.
  • Use your bio to ‘sell the sizzle’. Instead of telling people what you do, appeal to their emotions and tell them what the benefits of your business/ products are to them.
  • Don’t use hashtags in your bio (unless they are your own business hashtags). If you use a hashtag in your bio, users could click away from your profile and your business and move on to the content of others.
  • Use the website URL to direct traffic to specific content. You can change this URL regularly to link to a recent blog post, offer or specific product. TIP: You can use the last line of your bio to tell people what the link is for/ as a call to action.


Good luck pimping your profile, and if you need any more advice don’t be afraid to get in touch.


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